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Investing 1 Billion in Titanium Valley to Develop New Material Recycling Industry

Release date:2018-05-26     The author:信息员     viewing count:3362

On May 11th, we get good news from theThird Session of the Silk Road in Xi 'an International Exposition, the east-west cooperation and International Fair for Investment and Trade.The news is that the management committee of Baoji High-Tech Development Zone signed contract with Qinghai Juneng Titanium Industry Co., LTD. marked the investment of 1 billion RMB of "titanium valley (center) new materials recycling industry base" project which officially settled in Baoji High-tech Zone.

WangHaifeng,vice director of the management committee, signed the contract on behalf of the management committee of Baoji High-tech Zone. 


Baoji high-tech zone is well known as "China titanium valley", the cradle of China titanium industry development, China important titanium and rare metal production and processing base.

At present,Baoji High-tech Zone gathered more than 500 scientific researches, production and processing and trade enterprises,such as BAOTI Group.Titanium and titanium products supply reaches about 60% of the China, accounted for 20% of the world, the titanium Industry scale rank the first in China and second in the world.

As the development of aviation, space,navigationand salinization,the demand of titanium rise significantly, but because of the processing technology of titanium and titanium alloy unique characteristics, the processing of material yield is lower, the production process will produce a large number of scrap metal.How to make full use of these scrap metal,it becomes the key point to the healthy development of the titanium industry. 

In order to speed up the transformation and upgrading of titanium industry, Baoji High-tech Zone Administrative Committee work together with Qinghai Juneng, working around the idea of circular economy and green development, build new material recycling industry titanium valley (center) base project. We will build the titanium and titanium alloy recycling production line, that expected to produce 30,000 tons of titanium and titanium alloy materials, speed up the transformation and upgrading of Baoji titanium industry also will be conducive to the national standard of titanium and titanium alloy waste formulation and implementation, so as to further consolidate the leading position of Baoji High-tech Zone in the titanium industry in our country.

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