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The best talent available for R&D and manufacture of titanium and titanium alloys is key to our long-term strategic goals. We also have set up long-term technological cooperation with colleges and scientific research institutions in domestic and abroad.


We employ 2,784 staff by the end of Dec. 25th2017.


Production staff is 1,968, accounting for 70.7%; sales staff is 107, accounting for 3.9%; technical staff is 365, accounting for 13.1; financial staff is 45, accounting for 1.6%; administrative management staff is 299, accounting for 10.7%.

Educational Status

Staff graduated with a master’s degree is 58, accounting for 2.1%; with a bachelor degree is 989, accounting for 35.5%.


Professional Title

Staff with junior professional title is 172, accounting for 6%; with intermediate professional title is 334, accounting for 12%; with deputy senior professional title is 246, accounting for 9%; with senior professional title is 24, accounting for 1%.

More talents are enrolled, including 2 benefiting from special government allowance; 24 professor-level senior engineers; 2 academic leaders; 3 key technical staff; 15 engineers in charge.