As the leading titanium industry enterprise in China, our company is involved in setting the main national industrial standards for titanium products and we have the ability of producing all the international designations of titanium alloys.

Baoti has developed and produced more than 6000 products and new materials for industry and high technology. We own eight national invention patents and have developed over sixty different designations of titanium and its alloys.

  • Melting technology of round and rectangle CP and alloy titanium ingots with EB/VAR furnace
  • Master alloy manufacturing technology for titanium alloys used for the aerospace industry
  • 6Al-4V sheet pack rolling technique
  • Extrusion technology of titanium alloy sections
  • Section tubes such as tubes with web and helix tubes in nuclear industry
  • Titanium alloy sections for aerospace applications
  • Large-size titanium alloy rings for nuclear power submarines
  • Forging process of heavy titanium alloy forgings used in large aircrafts

To meet the demands of new titanium materials in areas such as aerospace, ship buliding, chemical industry, biological, sports etc., we have engaged in scientific research and industrialized transformation of new materials including high temperature titanium alloys£¬corrosion-resistant titanium alloys£¬high-tensile structural titanium alloys£¬damage-tolerance titanium alloys£¬burn-resistant titanium alloys£¬naval titanium alloys£¬biomedical titanium alloys£¬low-cost titanium alloys, cryogenic titanium alloys and many other special applications.


China’s first hydrogen bomb

China’s first nuclear-powered submarine

China’s first soft-landing satellite


China’s carrier rocket launching to Pacific Ocean


China’s Shenzhou spaceship